Professor Theuns Smith and Mrs. Estelle Smith are outdoor enthusiasts who have been hiking for more than 35 years and have hiked in different mountain regions in South Africa, the USA, France, Switzerland & Italy.

In 1992, The Oriole Hiking Club was established by Mrs Estelle Smith at the school where she taught. During the years the hiking club was led by her and Professor Theuns Smith the club completed in excess of 40 different trails througout Southern Africa .

After many requests from the learners, Theuns and Estelle decided to arrange a hiking tour to Switzerland in 1999, where learners could benefit from hiking at high altitude while savouring the beauty of the Alps. Another similar hiking tour took place in 2001. Both these trips were designed as adventure and cultural experiences.

In order to also accommodate learners from other schools, Swiss Tour 2003 was the first trip organised by TES Adventure Travel CC. And this is where it all started. From the Swiss Tours, the History, Art, Culture and Adventure tours developed.

The tours are led and managed by Estelle Smith and Sjaene van Wyk. Estelle was Head of Department History and Tourism until she retired at the end of 2009. She is also a qualified tour guide. Sjaene van Wyk is Head of Department History at the school where she teaches and has also studied and taught Art.

The logic behind European Tours, visiting one or two countries at a time, is to have as much time as possible with 'feet on the ground' experiences, amongst locals, taking part in activities that one has little opportunity doing in South Africa. We also believe in minimising the number of hours spent on a coach travelling through countryside where one would rather have visited.

Our tours are different from most other tours presented to clients, since they are ACTIVITY tours. Tour members are not only spectators and audiences on tour, they are actively involved e.g. hiking, rafting, canoeing etc. This is what makes TES Adventure's Tours so successful.